Benny. Benny Biceps. Benny Baseball. Or just... Player 16.

Let's face it, even if your parents banned video games in your house growing up, chances are you had at least one friend who owned a Nintendo. Whether it was the original, Super Nintendo, N64, Wii or now the Switch, you undoubtedly played Super Mario Brothers.

So, with a name like Benintendo... ehrrr... Benintendi (see what we did there?) we couldn't help but make a t-shirt honoring both the hottest player in baseball and our collective childhoods.

Complete with a Mario-esque brick Fenway Park, baseball coin icons and green warp pipes representing the green entrance gates to America's favorite ballpark, 8-bit is back baby!

We have men's and women's t-shirts available with over 20 color options, all for less than the price of a hot dog & beer combo at Fenway; $20.

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Andrew Benintendi Nintendo T-Shirt

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